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Ross L Mercer's work has appeared in Studio Visit Magazine, Volume 40, 2018

A note about paintings that are numbered:  Usually I do not paint to a pre-determined name nor, after completing a piece do I create a name that represents the finished art.  Some of the art is numbered, but not sequentially.  My approach is to choose a dominant color in the painting and assign a name combining that color with the approximate wavelength of the color in nanometers.  This is one way that I combine my background in physics with my work in art. 

Another way to connect physics and art is to include important formulas such as Maxwell's equations or Dirac's equation.  These will appear as small details and are only visible on close examination.

A recent trip to Morroco acquainted me with the Berber language, and several paintings include Berber words that are in some way connected to the painting.  


Angi's, Palm Desert, CA 2019 --

Geezer Gallery, Portland, OR 2020 --


Cathi Howell

Karen and Byron Keep

Karen Breese and Paul O'Neal

Leslie and Josh Stoddard

Angi Long

Adrienne Breese Sapp

Erin Mercer and Aaron Rawlings

Barbara and Tim Daly

Doug and Sherry Highland

Carl Nelson

Joyanne Code and Jim Stewart

Rick and Carol Brezer

Cindi and Jeff Foote

Donna and David Brady

Sue and Tim Hennessy

Gayle Renne and Wally Tweden

George and Alana Hedley

Ronda and Charley Huber

Robyn Suran

Karen and Sam Pierce

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